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Social Skills Groups
Lebanon, NJ Hunterdon County New Jersey

Whether it is in school, on the weekends, or at a job in the future, our children all flourish when they are socially connected and confident in themselves. For some students, these skills come naturally but for others, they can be tremendously difficult. One of the best ways to get our kids included and socialize is in a social skills group. We offer social skills groups for students ages 4-18, and with or without special needs. Students are put in groups with students of similar ages and interests. Students will engage in various activities and games together while working with our highly-trained staff to meet their specific goals.

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Social Skills Groups In NJ


If you are looking for a social skills group in NJ, then we are just the place you need! Our specialized learning center provides various spaces and classrooms for students to enjoy their individual interests while connecting with new friends. Students will enjoy a mix of unstructured playtime and structured group activities including crafts, snack-making, science experiments, and games. Each week, the group focuses on a specific whole-group goal such as sharing, following directions, or working together while teachers work on shaping individual student goals as well.


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Many of our parents report that their children have few friends, few playdates, and few birthday party invitations. This becomes more and more challenging for our students as they get older. At Hope for All Learners, one of the things we pride ourselves on is giving students the opportunity to find “their people”. We work diligently to place students in groups that will get along well, challenge each other, balance each other’s personalities and enjoy similar activities. 


One of our favorite things to hear from our families is that friendships in social skills groups are translating into friendships in the real world. Our hope is that our students will not only develop social skills and increase their self-esteem in social situations - but that they also forge new, lifelong friendships in our space!


Help For Autism, ADHD, anxiety, and more!


Though our groups are always open to all learners, for students on the Autism spectrum, students with ADHD, or students with anxiety, social skills groups can be especially beneficial. We work closely with your child and your family to develop goals tailored to their unique social skills and behavioral needs. 


Get in touch today if you would like to find out more about our social skills groups!

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